Chaos & Life
Type Advanced class
Effect Ignores all Wards

The Heretic is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It requires specialization in Life Magic and Chaos magic.

The bonus of the Heretic lets them ignore all Wards when casting spells.

Skills Edit

The Heretic is most likely to learn Life Magic and Chaos magic and fairly likely to learn the Order Magic, Death Magic and Nature Magic skills. Non-magic skills can also be learned when leveling up, but have less chance of appearing for selection.

Comments Edit

The ability to bypass Wards is extremely useful under the right circumstances; casting Disintegration on a group of titans, for example, can be very satisfying.

But there's only one creature with Life Ward in the game: the Devil, and the only creature with Chaos Ward is the Titan. So unless you're fighting large amounts of either of those creatures, or facing a Ward-casting Life Magic-user, the bonus is wasted. Adding more magic schools to their arsenal, to take advantage of the bonus, would turn the Heretic into an Archmage, costing them their bonus.

The combination of healing magic and damaging spells is still great in combat, however.