For the card pack of the same name, see Herald of the Void (pack).
Herald of the Void campaign

Cover image of Herald of the Void campaign. The artwork features the Void arbiter.

Herald of the Void is a series of quests in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. It is composed of five quests. It can be accessed by finishing Void Rising campaign. The following quest series is Forgotten Wars. By completing this campaign, Ignatius's Puzzle quest of the puzzle campaign is unlocked.

  1. Adar-Malik
  2. Noboru
  3. Dhamiria
  4. Hakeem
  5. Kieran's Return

Akane bowed in her defeat, but she had a strange stare, which the group's leader recognizes. He remembers he had the same look, which he considers a sickness he defeated a long time ago, but it returned back. Myranda tried to remove her arrogant look, but Kieran stopped her, demanding to know why Akane did this. Akane laughed, claiming they were all fools for their beliefs. Akane made it clear the Herald of the Void returned and while the group was fighting Akane, the Herald restored the throne. The group is confused, but the leader knows far too well what Akane means by that. Just then, Akane grabs Kieran's shoulder and disappears.

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