For the faction in other games, see Haven.

Haven town theme


Haven tavern

Haven is a faction in the universe of Heroes of Might and Magic V.


The Humans of the Holy Griffin Empire are inspired and guided by angels. It's a feudal society driven by the rigorous edicts of the Dragon of Light.

This town is the Heroes V equivalent of the Farm faction from Heroes I, the Knight castle from Heroes II, the Castle town from Heroes III, and the Haven faction from Heroes IV. It maintains many of its creatures from the previous games, including the Griffin which was aligned with Preserve in Heroes IV.

The Inferno town acts as the Haven town's arch-rival in Heroes V, described as the "classic Heroes of Might and Magic fight - Good vs. Evil, Angels vs. Devils."


A new arrangement of Haven creatures, which sees many favourites return, albeit under different names. One of its main symbols, the Griffin, has returned to grace the ranks of the Haven town, bringing with it some useful abilities. One sad exclusion from the town is the Pikeman, which has been with the town since Heroes I.

Basic Upgrade Alternate
Peasant Conscript Brute
Archer Marksman Crossbowman
Footman Squire Vindicator
Griffin Imperial Griffin Battle Griffin
Priest Inqusitor Zealot
Cavalier Paladin Champion
Angel Archangel Seraph

Heroes Edit

Heroes you can begin a game with, in non-campaign games.

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