For the faction in other games, see Haven.
Haven city (H4)

Fully built Haven town screen.

The Haven is the town type associated with Life in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It's a typical "human" town, with mainly human units - and angels.


This town is led by Might heroes Knights and Magic heroes Priests. You will also meet Lords, Magi, Archers and Druids in the local taverns.

Magic schoolsEdit


Level 1


Level 2 Pikeman OR Ballista
Level 3 Crusader OR Monk
Level 4 Champion OR Angel

Non-town creatures Edit

Unique StructuresEdit

Haven (H4)

Haven towns (without Fort (west), Fort (north), Citadel (east), Castle (south).

  • Stables: Provides armies with +5 movement for the next 7 days.
  • Abbey: Provides +2 morale until the next battle.
  • Seminary: Teaches the basic level of 4 skills for 2000 gold each. Skills are chosen from secondary skills for Tactics, Combat, Life Magic, Order Magic and Nature Magic.

Town creatures
Squire · Crossbowman · Pikeman · Ballista · Crusader · Monk · Champion · Angel
Dwelling creatures
Peasant · Catapult (WOW)