Heroes III Haste

Haste is a recurring spell in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. In Heroes III, it is a first level spell belonging to the Air Magic school.


Level Cost Effect
Normal/Basic 6/5 Target, allied troop’s speed is increased by three hexes/turn.
Advanced 5 Target, allied troop’s speed is increased by five hexes/turn.
Expert 5 All allied troops’ speed is increased by five hexes/turn.

Probabilities by townEdit

The following table lists the chances Haste has of appearing in the Mage Guild of all the town types from Heroes III. All numbers are percentages, and are valid only if all the spells are enabled.

Town Chances
Castle 32
Rampart 54
Tower with Library 39
Tower without Library 31
Inferno 31
Necropolis 32
Dungeon 52
Stronghold 31
Fortress 53
Conflux 53

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