Harecksburg map

Map of Harecksburg[1]

Harecksburg is a village in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is located in Bootleg Bay.

Map guide Edit

  1. Training-by-the-Sea: Training grounds. Location of Gabriel, who offers training up to level 20.
  2. Magic fountain that restores 20 spell points. Must be visited for the Drink from the Fountain of Magic quest.
  3. House of Healing: Location of Adam, who offers healing.
  4. Home of Svetlanta Irktusk, spell master hireling.
  5. Home of Winston Schezar, who offers the Destroy the crystal quest.
  6. Magic fountain that provides +20 might temporarily.
  7. The Goblin's Tooth: Tavern. Location of the innkeeper Khagul.
  8. Hammer and Tongs: Weaponshop. Location of Brand, who sells second-level weapons, with specials on second-level maces.
  9. Home of Preston Harper, who teaches expert chain armor.
  10. Home of Shoshi Pertoniki, who teaches expert perception.
  11. The Little Magic Shop: Magic shop. Location of Wolfgang, who offers first-level miscellaneous artifacts, with specials on second-level miscellaneous artifacts.
  12. Abraham's Metalworks: Armorshop. Location of Abraham, who sells second-level leather armor, chain armor, shields, helms and gauntlets, with specials on third-level chain armor, helms, and gauntlets.
  13. Home of Jean Acton, factor hireling.
  14. Home of Stephanie Pavlov, minor NPC.

Sources Edit

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