Grave Robber

The Hand of Death is a necromantic cult that appears in the Grave Robber scenario of the Hack and Slash campaign Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death. They lived in the northern parts of Avauntnell, and had bribed the local Erathian militia to leave them alone. Since the cult stayed relatively quiet, and the main Erathian army didn't know about the bribery, the cult had been left alone for deades.

Sandro sent Crag Hack to acquire the Shield of the Yawning Dead from them, telling him that the cult took the shield from a vampire slayer who finally met his match. When Crag Hack arrived in the area, he met with Sandro's mercenaries. Their leader told him that the cult usually kept quietly to themselves, but had recently become more restless and sending their troops north.

The Hand of Death soon sent Crag Hack a message, telling him that they knew he had been sent by "an acquaintance of ours" to get the shield. They also told him that the relic had been part of their graveyard for many years, and that they would stop him at all costs. Crag Hack discovered that the necromancers had also barricaded their castles, preventing him from sieging them.

Crag Hack soon found the shield in a cemetery, but a skeletal figure prevented him from taking it unless he first dealt with Charnath, a member of the Hand of Death who had desecrated the place. Crag Hack soon killed Charnath and brought the relic back to Sandro.