"What does it feel like when my hand closes tightly around your heart? It tries to beat, but your heart is under my control now!"
Hand of Death is a fifth-level Death Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs twelve spell points and instantly slays a number of creatures based on the level of the caster.

Spell Mechanics Edit

Effect Table Edit

Level Effect
1-4 +2
5-9 +3
10-14 +4
15-19 +5
20-24 +6
25-29 +7
30-34 +8
35-39 +9
40-44 +10
45-49 +11
50-54 +12
55-59 +13
60-64 +14
65-69 +15
70 +16


Hand of Death collects souls, not hit points; it will kill the same number of angels as it will peasants. Its effectiveness therefore depends on the power of its targets. Magic Resistance is effective against this spell, and is likely a hero's only chance for survival when it is employed.

Though not a mind spell, it will only snuff living creatures. Therefore, elementals, constructs, and undead are immune.


As terrifying as it is difficult to defend against, few heroes are safe when this comes into play. Additionally, it reaps a heavy toll in level four creatures with every casting.

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