"Gauldoth lost everything when the world was destroyed, including most of his humanity. After a powerful spell goes wrong, it leaves Gauldoth in a state of constant contradiction. Half of his body is living, while the other half is Undead. As necessity forces Gauldoth to carve out a small portion of this new world for himself, his destiny becomes intertwined with that of a malevolent being from another realm determined to bring an end to all life in the Universe."

Half-Dead is the Necropolis campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and consists of five scenarios.

Half-dead takes us trough the struggles of Gauldoth Half-Dead as he rises from living like an animal in the woods, to ruling an entire country under his rule. He narrates his own campaign.

The five scenarios in order are:

  1. Eater of Children
  2. The Fiery Realm
  3. The Points of Power
  4. Life and Death
  5. The Unholy Breath

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