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Hakeem is a quest of the Herald of the Void campaign in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


To access this quest, the previous quest, Dhamiria, must be completed.

The succubus was restrained by magical chains. Myranda recognizes the succubus to be Dhamiria, a servant to wizard Hakeem of the Seven Cities and head of House Chimera. Apparently, Hakeem knows about Gazal, but was also Myranda's lover. Myranda believes Hakeem would know about Gazal and Kieran. Thus, using the succubus as a link, Myranda transports the group to the Seven Cities. They were in Hakeem's hideout, where the beastmen charged towards them.

Hakeem has dark and earth spells. His creatures have Evade, which can get them out of certain attacks.