Haegeir Mordisson is a hero in Trial by Fire.


Haegeir Mordisson is the current warlord of the Grimsteel clan, but you wouldn’t necessarily suspect it from his cheerful personality. Make no mistake, though: he hasn’t been given the nickname “Bearheart” because of his cuddly disposition. His oldest friend and comrade-in-arms, Hathor the Deepstrider, would tell you Haegeir is a simple man, who likes doing what he does best. In Haegeir’s case, that would be eating, drinking, maiming and killing.
Despite assuming the throne, Hathor had difficulties maintaining his kingdom, as the long war with the Dark Elves and the civil war brought hardship to his people and needed resources to heal. Being a man of action, Hathor decided to take what his people needed from the neighboring nations instead of negotiating and compromising with them. Reinstating the long banded warbands to raid the nearby nations of the Holy Falcon Empire and Irollan causing them to develop defenses and fight back against Hathor's raids.
Despite facing resistance from both the Holy Empire and Irollan, Hathor had defeated them and rounded up all the supplies and wealth he could want. Feeling unstoppable, Hathor ordered Haegeir and his forces to invade Irollan, raiding and pillaging along the way. However, as the elves had warned, Irollan were prepared and launched an ambush, killing Haegeir and his men. Rather than grieve for the loss of his only friend, Hathor sneered saying that only the strong were meant to survive, showing loss for his friend would have been a sign of weakness, something he could no longer show.


Haegeir is a Warlord.


Hero Trait
Pugnacious Pugnacious
The hero attack deals additional 4 damage per hero levelOffBck


Haegeir appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.