Guardian Angel is a fifth-level Life Magic spell from Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It costs twelve mana and gives the friendly target a number of extra lives based on the level of the caster. The number of targets protected depends on the level of the caster, and no target is protected more than once.

In-game descriptionEdit

I felt the spirit around me. I couldn't see or hear it, but had the distinct feeling that was my long-departed grandfather. He tickled my knee like he had when I was a child.OffBck


This is an awesome spell to cast on 4th level creatures, as it will mean your enemy needs to kill a good number of them before doing any permanent damage. Heroes regenerated in this way lose the spell, so do not gain the full number of lives shown in the spellbook.

The spell does not stack on top of itself, re-casting will bring the spell back up to the stated number of lives and no more.

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