Griffin Bane - Necropolis expert deck

The Necropolis deck, featuring Mother Namtaru, Asha's Nightmare.

Necropolis expert deck is a deck of cards in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions affiliated with Griffin Bane. It focuses on Necropolis cards, whose leader is Mother Namtaru.

Card listEdit

Griffin Bane: Necropolis expert deck (59 cards)
Name Type Rarity Quantity
Mother Namtaru, Asha's Nightmare Hero Heroic 1
Putrid dragon Creature Unique 1
Vampire assassin Creature Rare 1
Plague bearer Creature Rare 1
Archlich Creature Uncommon 2
Putrid lamasu Creature Uncommon 2
Vampire knight Creature Uncommon 2
Lich tactician Creature Uncommon 2
Void wraith Creature Uncommon 2
Lingering ghost Creature Common 2
Moonsilk skeleton Creature Common 3
Neophyte lich Creature Common 3
Newborn vampire Creature Common 3
Wretched ghoul Creature Common 3
Army of the Dead Fortune Unique 1
Bone to bone Fortune Rare 1
Seria's last order Fortune Rare 1
Broken bridge Fortune Uncommon 2
Dance of the Dead Fortune Uncommon 3
Early grave Fortune Uncommon 2
Revised tactics Fortune Uncommon 2
Campfire Fortune Common 3
Reanimation Fortune Common 3
Undead reinforcements Fortune Common 3
Day of the Sanctuary Event Uncommon 2
Day of Fortune Event Common 2
Week of the Dead Event Common 2
Week of the Weaponsmiths Event Common 2
Graveyard Building Uncommon 2

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