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Icon-H3 Greater basilisk Icon-H3
Faction Fortress
Tier 4
Upgraded Yes
Hit points 40
Attack 12
Defense 12
Damage 6-10
Speed 7
Dwelling Upg. Basilisk Pit
Cost per unit 400 gold
Growth per week 4
GreaterBasilisk icon

The basilisk and greater basilisk have developed the ability to petrify their prey for three rounds. Their attacks have a 20% chance of making this occur. Petrified creatures take 50% damage from attacks and are unfrozen when struck.OffBck

The greater basilisk is the upgrade of the basilisk, the fourth-level creature of the Fortress in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited at the Upgraded Basilisk Pit.


With slight increases to attack, defense, hit points and speed, this is a useful upgrade, but unremarkable. If money is a problem, this upgrade can wait.


Petrifying attack: There's a 20% chance that targets are petrified.

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