For other uses of the term, see great druid.
Icon-MM6 Great druid Icon-MM6
Hit Points: 73
Armor Class: 16
Damage: 2D4+6
Attack Speed: 100
Preferred enemy: Knight
Primary attack: Cold
Primary attack ranged: Cold
Spells: Deadly swarm
Spell use %: 40
Level: 16
Experience: 416
Treasure: 20D10 gold
10% chance for a second-level artifact
Magic: 20
Fire: 20
Physical: 0
Electric: 20
Cold: 20
Poison: 20

The great druid is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is stronger than the druid, but weaker than the grand druid.

Great druids will use the deadly swarm spell for 40% of their attacks, and ranged cold attacks the rest of the time. They can be encountered in the Temple of the Moon, Silver Cove, Monolith, and Superior Temple of Baa.