The Great Dragons are a group of godlike beings that are mentioned in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist.

Long before Praz-El was born, the gods and dragons fought a great war that raged across dozens of worlds,. Both sides used dwarves, elves, humans, goblins, and the other humanoid races as their foot soldiers. Some of the friezes that were later created in Hraldrake's Crossing depicted this conflict.

When the war was over, many of the worlds had been destroyed. Some of the remnants of the surviving worlds were combined into the nation known as the Six Shards, and the dragons erected magical barriers to allow the lands to be unified. This also led to each of the six parts having their own unique climate. The Magistracy of Soronne was then put in charge of the six towers of learning.

When Sendark launched his attack on Soronne, he told Maven that he would try to unlock the great secrets of the six towers so that they could help Necros fight the Great Dragon. Since the dragons had created the Six Shards, Necros felt the place had many sources of power to draw from.

The druid Alagar was an investigator for the dragons, and was sent out to deal with Sendark.

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