Govan is a minor character that appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. He is described as "a slender man of medium height, with black hair and a short-cropped black beard". He wore a breastplate of black armor and a brace of throwing knives, and carried a sword.

After Nymus's young student completed the last of her tasks and learned that he would be sent away, to the Magistracy of Soronne, Govan rode up to them on a proud warhorse. He seemed surprised that the boy was still alive, as Nymus was "not known as a kind taskmistress". Govan asked him if he was ready to go, but the boy quickly threw a knife at him. Govan raised his hand, and the knife pierced his palm.

Seemingly unfazed, Govan gazed at the knife, and told Nymus that she had trained him well. Nymus smacked the boy to the ground, telling him that such disobedience was an insult to her training.

Without expression, Govan pulled the blade from his flesh, and cast a healing spell that closed his wound. He then flicked the knife disdainfully at the boy's feet, and commanded him to come with him. He tied him up and laid him across the saddle in front of him, and told Nymus that she had done well. "My mistress will be very pleased. Consider your debt paid in full."

Nymus told him to "Never let me hear that the boy has been mistreated", and that whatever name Govan's mistress gave the boy, he would also carry her demon's mark of El. "I bequeath it to him, and my wish be honored".

Govan then carried the boy to the Magistracy, where he became the foster son of Magistrate Bo under the name "Praz-El".