For other creatures of the same name, see gorgon.
Icon-MM6 Gorgon Icon-MM6
Hit Points: 337
Armor Class: 30
Special attack: Stone
Damage: 6D4+12
Attack Speed: 100
Preferred enemy: Knight
Primary attack: Magic
Spells: Psychic shock
Spell use %: 30
Level: 45
Experience: 2475
Treasure: 30D20 gold
30% chance for a fifth-level artifact
Magic: Immune

The gorgon is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is stronger than the medusa and medusa enchantress.

Gorgons can cast psychic shock. Like medusas, they can also turn their target to stone with their attack. They can be encountered in the Temple of the Moon and Temple of the Snake.