Prince Golwyn was originally planned to act as the main protagonist in Legends of Might and Magic. One of a number of characters confirmed to appear in the game's original concept and early-to-mid development stages (before this work was scrapped by New World Computing), he led the party of five fellow adventurers attempting to thwart Zephram Dagrath's ambitions.


The son of King Rydric, Golwyn was the heir to the throne of Rydric's kingdom on Aalondor. The primary player character of Legends, he was called upon by the Shaman, Teldran, to locate Zephram Dagrath and later impede him in his quest to alter a pivotal battle in Axeoth's history which would, presumably, render him sovereign instead of Rydric.[1] Golwyn's artwork and renders strongly resemble those of the crusader (later renamed to the paladin).

A ragged character with blond hair strongly resembling Golwyn narrates the early introduction video for Legends, lamenting the loss of his freedom and compelling the viewer to free him and countless other slaves from the darkness of Voggram's tower, hinting at unclarified elements of the original storyline.[2]



Golwyn was meant to appear in Legends of Might and Magic, but was cut before release.


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