Icon-H3 Gnoll Icon-H3
Heroes III Gnoll
Faction Fortress
Tier 1
Upgraded No
Hit points 6
Attack 3
Defense 5
Damage 2-3
Speed 4
Dwelling Gnoll Hut
Cost per unit 50 IconGoldIII
Growth per week 12
Heroes III Gnoll Icon

Armed with morning stars, gnolls and gnoll marauders are above average foot soldier units.OffBck

The gnoll is the first-level creature of the Fortress in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited at the Gnoll Hut, and the upgraded version is the gnoll marauder.

Gnolls are a jackal/hyena-based humanoid creature. The basic Gnolls is clad only in a blue tunic and wields a one-handed and one-headed flail in battle, the upgrade Gnoll marauder has instead of the blue tunic a brown suit of heavy leather armor and wields a three-headed flail in one hand.


Like most first-level creatures, the gnoll is a weak fighter, but quite useful purely for their weight of numbers. Their damage is comparable to other first-level creatures for their cost.


Gnolls have no abilities.

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