Armed with morning stars, gnolls and gnoll marauders are above average foot soldier units.OffBck

The gnoll is the first-level creature of the Fortress in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited at the gnoll hut, and the upgraded version is the gnoll marauder.

Gnolls are a jackal/hyena-based humanoid creature. The basic Gnolls is clad only in a blue tunic and wields a one-handed and one-headed flail in battle, the upgrade Gnoll marauder has instead of the blue tunic a brown suit of heavy leather armor and wields a three-headed flail in one hand.


Like most first-level creatures, the gnoll is a weak fighter, but quite useful purely for their weight of numbers. Their damage is comparable to other first-level creatures for their cost.


Gnolls have no abilities.

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