Icon-MM6 Giant wyrm Icon-MM6
Hit Points: 540
Armor Class: 50
Special attack: Poison3
Damage: 10D10
Attack Speed: 90
Primary attack: Poison
Primary attack ranged: Poison
Level: 60
Experience: 4200
Treasure: 150D10 gold
Fifth-level artifact
Magic: 40
Fire: 40
Physical: 40
Electric: 40
Cold: 40
Poison: Immune

The giant wyrm is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is stronger than the wyrm, but weaker than the great wyrm.

Great wyrms have a stronger poison than wyrms. Like wyrms, they are immune to poison, and have some resistance to most other type of damage, but have no resistance to physical attacks.

They can be encountered in Caves of the Dragon Riders and Dragonsands.

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