The giant sandworm is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


The worm hunters were slaying the sandworms. Apparently, the worms' hearts were very valuable.


The giant sandworm is a boss creature, having 1300 might attack (melee), 400 might retaliation, 10 initiative, 5 speed (teleporting) and 15000 hit points. The worm has -30% melee, -30% water, -30% earth and 80% siege resistance. The worm has these abilities:

  • Spin: "Deals Melee Might Damage to adjacent Enemy Stacks.
    No retaliation possible."
    • Melee Might Damage - 1000
    • Effect Radius - 1
    • Cooldown - 3 rounds


  • The Sandworm Pest: The hunter requests the hero to slay three giant sandworms.
  • The Heart Of The Worm: Another hunter, after the worm was lured out by a horse as bait, requests the sandworm to be slayed and its heart taken away.


The giant sandworm appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.