The ghost of the Graves is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


The ghost stood guard of the bones scattered on the mountain on Namtaru's Claws.


Ghost of the Graves is a boss creature, having 870 prime attack (ranged), 544 prime retaliation, 5 initiative, 3 speed (flying) and 9136 hit points. The ghost has 5% melee, 15% ranged, -5% light, 5% darkness, -5% earth, -5% air, -5% fire, -5% water, -5% prime and 80% siege resistance. The ghost can cast the following abilities:

  • Summon Restless Shade: "Summons a Restless Shade with a strong protective aura. Cannot be used after moving."
    • Attack Range - 1
    • Summon Restless Shade - 1
    • Cooldown - 4 rounds




The ghost of the Graves appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.

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