Gazal, Herald of the Void is a quest of the Five Towers campaign in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


To access this quest, the previous quest, Kieran, Knight of Negation, must be completed.

Gazal stands at the Tower of the Elders, dedicated to Elrath and Malassa. From there, she sees the entire world she wants to destroy. Hakeem and Ignatius warn Vein Gazal uses a shield that uses Void magic, causing everyone to touch it to be banished. Vein asks of them for magical protection, as he marches to stop Gazal, knowing once she is stopped, they will rout her from the tower.

The Herald of the Void uses powerful cards from all factions. She also has 6 Might, Magic and Destiny levels, and has 24 life. Thus, the hero has to be aware in several turns, she will summon powerful creatures per turn that will destroy the hero's forces. The Tower of the Twilight also protects any creature on it from being wounded by magical damage. Gazal starts with a gargoyle and a Blind Brother.