The Frostrift River Outpost was a citadel of Channon that dominated the Frostrift River and guarded the kingdom from southern attacks. During the Winds of War, it was sieged by King Spazz Maticus of Orilios.


The Outpost features as an enemy Haven town in Frostrift River Pass, the third map from the Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War campaign To Rule the World. The map's objective is to conquer the Outpost, which cannot be reached by conventional means.

The Outpost is located on a big portion of land, isolated by a river from the rest of the map. The only passage from this huge island to the player's territory is blocked by a quest guard that allows only the Outpost's personnel to pass (the Purple player). In order to be able to lay siege on the Outpost, the player must fulfill the Dwarf King quest located in the far north of the map, which requires the defeat of the Dwarven army (the Teal player). A loyal ally of Channon, the Dwarf King refuses to assist as long as he has an army himself, but will capitulate when remaining defenseless.

Once the Teal player is defeated, the Dwarves will build an underground tunnel that will take to the Outpost. During the digging, however, they will remain without equipment, and the player will be forced to siege the town of Rimewood to obtain the missing materials. When the tunnel is complete, the player can easily reach the Outpost, and attack it.


The Outpost was positioned on a strategic point on the southern border of Channon, and it dominated the only entrance in the kingdom for hundreds of miles. On the icy shores of northern Frostrift River dwelt a minor kingdom of dwarves, which the Outpost befriended.

During the events of Heroes IV: Winds of War, the Knight assigned to guard the Outpost was Luther D'Walt, a man with greater hopes, but with a string of bad luck. During his service the raise of Spazz Maticus occurred. The new King of the small island nation of Orilios, he broke after a long time the peaceful and insular character of his country, and launched an attack on Channon. Due to Orilios's positioning, Spazz decided to enter Channon via the Frostrift River Pass, but soon noticed it is almost impossible to cross the river.

He turned his attention to the Dwarves, and by massacring their entire army he forced the Dwarf King to change his loyalties and dig a tunnel to the Outpost. Spazz took this new route, and laid siege on the Outpost, conquering it and defeating Luther D'Walt. With the Outpost fallen, Spazz managed to set supply lines, and gained access to the entire southern Channon.[1]



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