Freelancer's guild Stronghold H3

The Freelancer's Guild is a building from the Stronghold town and adventure map structure in Heroes of Might and Magic III. A structure unique only to the Stronghold, it is an upgrade to the marketplace that allows heroes to sell creatures for resources.

The Freelancer's Guild requires the Marketplace to be built, and it is not a prerequisite for any other structure. It costs 1,000 Gold.

Trading Rates Edit

Freelancer guild (map) - H3

On adventure map

How profitable the trading is depends on the number of Marketplaces in owned towns (it does not depend on the number of Freelancer Guilds).

When selling creatures for gold, you gain a percentage of their recruiting price. That percentage depends on the number of Marketplaces, and is found in the table below.

When selling creatures for wood or ore, you gain 250 times less resources than when aiming to buy gold. When selling for the other four resource types, you gain 500 times less. These values are always rounded down.

Freelancer’s Guild can also be found on the adventure map; these offer the same exchange rate as when possessing 5 Marketplaces.

Number of Marketplaces Percentage of creature price gained
1 30
2 45
3 50
4 65
5 70
6 85
7 90
8+ 100

When trading low level creatures for anything except gold, it is almost always necessary to sell more creatures than the number of resources gained.

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