For the campaign quest series, see Forgotten Wars.
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Forgotten Wars is the fourth expansion pack in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, preceded by the Herald of the Void pack. It is succeeded by Five Towers pack. It contains 148 cards, from which:

  • 51 are common
  • 48 are uncommon
  • 31 are rare
  • 13 are unique
  • 5 are heroic

This pack introduced cards from the Academy faction.

Card listEdit

Forgotten Wars cards
Name Type Rarity Faction/magic school
Akane, Caller of Memories Hero Heroic Academy
Asalah, Invoker of Castigation Hero Heroic Academy
Gazal, Lady of Secrets Hero Heroic Academy
Hakeem, Seeker of Mysteries Hero Heroic Academy
Myranda, Blademage Champion Hero Heroic Academy
Anael, Chosen of the Light Creature Unique Haven
Damran, the Tainted Creature Unique Necropolis
Dervish master Creature Unique Academy
Glyph-carved golem Creature Unique Academy
Hasafah, the Unseen Arrow Creature Unique Academy
Hikyu, Fists of Fury Creature Unique Inferno
Moon phoenix Creature Unique Neutral
Nur, Spellweaver Creature Unique Academy
Raya, Chosen of the Waves Creature Unique Sanctuary
Surging titan Creature Unique Academy
Zefiria, Windchaser Creature Unique Stronghold
Abyssal worm Creature Rare Inferno
Blade mage Creature Rare Academy
Crusader chaplain Creature Rare Haven
Djinn mentor Creature Rare Academy
Greater air elemental Creature Rare Neutral
Rakshasa scout Creature Rare Academy
Sahaar hunter Creature Rare Stronghold
Sayama champion Creature Rare Santuary
Shantiri titan Creature Rare Academy
Taweret warrior Creature Rare Academy
Void shade Creature Rare Academy
Void sycophant Creature Rare Academy
Cactus thing Creature Uncommon Neutral
Crusader treasurer Creature Uncommon Haven
Djinn catalyst Creature Uncommon Academy
Dragon golem Creature Uncommon Academy
Enslaved harpy Creature Uncommon Academy
Frenzied maniac Creature Uncommon Inferno
Guardian golem Creature Uncommon Academy
Imp jester Creature Uncommon Inferno
Nethermancer Creature Uncommon Academy
Obsidian gargoyle Creature Uncommon Academy
Putrid ghoul Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Rakshasa raja Creature Uncommon Academy
Rotting mummy Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Sahaar harpy Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Sahaar marauder Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Sahaar orc Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Sahaar skirmisher Creature Uncommon Neutral
Sayama dune prowler Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Sayama warden Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Scattershot marksman Creature Uncommon Haven
Sellspell djinn Creature Uncommon Academy
Soothsayer Creature Uncommon Neutral
Spellstealer wizard Creature Uncommon Academy
Titan (card) Creature Uncommon Academy
Void-tainted djinn Creature Uncommon Academy
Wizard apprentice Creature Uncommon Academy
Wizard disciple Creature Uncommon Academy
Al-Betyl ghoul Creature Common Necropolis
Arcane archer Creature Common Academy
Burning sand elemental Creature Common Neutral
Cowardly gnoll Creature Common Stronghold
Crusader commander Creature Common Haven
Crusader watchman Creature Common Haven
Dancing dervish Creature Common Academy
Demon thrall Creature Common Inferno
Djinn Creature Common Academy
Gargoyle Creature Common Academy
Lashing lilim Creature Common Inferno
Minotaur brute Creature Common Academy
Rakshasa Creature Common Academy
Rotting zombie Creature Common Necropolis
Sahaar bedouin Creature Common Neutral
Sahaar mummy Creature Common Necropolis
Sayama spy Creature Common Neutral
Sayama stalker Creature Common Sanctuary
Scholar Creature Common Academy
Spinning dervish Creature Common Academy
Spirit-bound djinn Creature Common Academy
Unstable djinn Creature Common Academy
Wizard tutor Creature Common Academy
Deep roots Spell Rare Earth
Divine judgement Spell Rare Light
Enthrall Spell Rare Dark
Forked lightning Spell Rare Air
Ink warrior Spell Rare Water
Lay of hands Spell Rare Light
Mass rage Spell Rare Fire
Void ripple Spell Rare Prime
Cursed bound Spell Uncommon Dark
Fire blast Spell Uncommon Fire
Focused mind Spell Uncommon Water
Homebound winds Spell Uncommon Air
Mass earth bound Spell Uncommon Earth
Nether soul Spell Uncommon Prime
Air trap Spell Common Air
Aura of healing Spell Common Light
Cold fear Spell Common Water
Fiery death Spell Common Fire
Sand shield Spell Common Earth
Shared agony Spell Common Dark
Spirited away Spell Common Prime
Arcane intuition Fortune Unique Academy
Time of Need Fortune Unique Neutral
A life for a life Fortune Rare Necropolis
Black Fang extortion Fortune Rare Neutral
Chain casting Fortune Rare Academy
Dangerous research Fortune Rare Academy
Gate to Sheogh Fortune Rare Inferno
Honor binds us Fortune Rare Sanctuary
Stockpile Fortune Rare Academy
Offering to the Void Fortune Rare Academy
Rushing assault Fortune Rare Stronghold
Volunteers Fortune Rare Neutral
Cosmic singularity Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Desperate assault Fortune Uncommon Inferno
Death is not the End Fortune Uncommon Necropolis
Dunes of Madness Fortune Uncommon Inferno
Forgotten spell Fortune Uncommon Academy
Harvesting the Dead Fortune Uncommon Necropolis
Rift's echo Fortune Uncommon Academy
Second chance Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Sinkhole Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Stolen research Fortune Uncommon Academy
Thread of Fate Fortune Uncommon Academy
Toll gate Fortune Uncommon Haven
Void tainted ritual Fortune Uncommon Academy
Ancestral guidance Fortune Common Stronghold
Arcane research Fortune Common Academy
Conversion to the Void Fortune Common Academy
Eternal battlefield Fortune Common Necropolis
Escalating madness Fortune Common Inferno
Favorite spell Fortune Common Academy
Fleeting oasis Fortune Common Haven
Fortune telling Fortune Common Neutral
Full moon Fortune Common Neutral
Garden of Ecstasy Fortune Common Inferno
Inexhaustible mine Fortune Common Haven
Lost in the Void Fortune Common Academy
Outraging vision Fortune Common Stronghold
Rivalry Fortune Common Academy
Road to Enlightment Fortune Common Sanctuary
Scrying orb Fortune Common Academy
Severed fate Fortune Common Academy
Shifting sands Fortune Common Academy
Unraveled fate Fortune Common Academy
Zen garden Fortune Common Neutral
Graduation Day Event Rare Neutral
Eye of the Mana Storm Event Uncommon Neutral
Rise of the Nethermancer Event Uncommon Neutral
Week of Training Event Common Neutral

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