Forest Witch is a quest in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


The hero finds a mob of civilians telling the travelling inquisitor about forest witches having the forest creatures attack them. The inquisitor doubts in these stories, claiming they are fake, though he has the hero investigate if there are such witches present. The hero can go to find the meek forest witch in the north, who claims she is innocent, and that her "sister" is the one behind the attacks. The hero can (but is not forced to) attack the meek forest witch, a battle the hero can fight 90 Void-controlled wolves. Next, the hero has to defeat the fierce forest witch in the west, who has more troops under her control.

After the fierce witch's control, the hero has to return to the inquisitor, who is attacked by an demasked forest witch. The inquisitor must be protected in the battle from the witch, a boss creature that has Void-touched wyverns, Void-corrupted vigils and Void-consumed treants. The inquisitor is a boss creature, too, having 15000 hit points, as well as Heal and Darkness Shield abilities. Once the battle is over, the inquisitor realizes his mistakes and promises to listen to the people, having felt how painful the Void can be.