For the campaign quest series, see Five Towers.
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Five Towers is the fifth expansion pack in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, preceded by the Forgotten Wars pack. It is succeeded by base set 2 pack. It contains 100 cards, from which:

  • 29 are common
  • 28 are uncommon
  • 18 are rare
  • 5 are unique
  • 0 are heroic

This pack introduced building cards.

Card listEdit

Five Towers cards
Name Type Rarity Faction/magic school
Crusader sergeant Creature Rare Haven
Fate bender Creature Rare Inferno
Greater water elemental Creature Rare Neutral
Guerilla master Creature Rare Stronghold
Plague bearer Creature Rare Necropolis
Soul consuming wraith Creature Rare Neutral
Sahaar orc Creature Rare Stronghold
Sayama predator Creature Rare Sanctuary
Sentinel of the Ages Creature Rare Academy
Angel of Mourning Creature Uncommon Haven
Honor bound kami Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Insatiable djinn Creature Uncommon Academy
Raider Creature Uncommon Neutral
Reborn incubus Creature Uncommon Inferno
Scavenger ratkin Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Soul-consuming efreet Creature Uncommon Inferno
Spirit traveller Creature Uncommon Academy
Suicide goblin Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Vindicator Creature Uncommon Haven
Trapper spider Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Crusader vanguard Creature Common Haven
Erg hunter Creature Common Stronghold
Gated demon Creature Common Inferno
Lesser light elemental Creature Common Neutral
Rakshasa skirmisher Creature Common Academy
Sand kame Creature Common Sanctuary
Sand shark Creature Common Neutral
Silver bowl spirit Creature Common Sanctuary
Undead minotaur Creature Common Necropolis
Elrath's protection Spell Rare Light
Lava stream Spell Rare Fire
Moonsilk fetters Spell Rare Dark
Nether curse Spell Rare Prime
Shalassa's blade Spell Rare Water
Symbiotic barkskin Spell Rare Earth
Thunder weapon Spell Rare Air
Chain heal Spell Common Light
Ice armour Spell Common Water
Landslide Spell Common Earth
Rewind Spell Common Prime
Soulfire Spell Common Fire
Wither Spell Common Dark
Ylath's breath Spell Common Air
The Price of the Void Fortune Rare Neutral
Architect's wonder Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Calculated sacrifice Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Crimson bond Fortune Uncommon Academy
Famous last blows Fortune Uncommon Stronghold
Favor of the Just Fortune Uncommon Haven
Strength in numbers Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Sacrifice Fortune Uncommon Inferno
Truce Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Unholy communion Fortune Uncommon Necropolis
United we fight Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Ariana's will Fortune Common Necropolis
Gazal's sapience Fortune Common Academy
Mana burst Fortune Common Neutral
Memory lapse Fortune Common Academy
Morgan's inspiration Fortune Common Haven
Noboru's insight Fortune Common Sanctuary
Phiras' gift Fortune Common Inferno
Pleasure in Pain Fortune Common Inferno
Prayer for the Departed Fortune Common Haven
Soul harvest Fortune Common Necropolis
Surprise assault Fortune Common Stronghold
Zefiria's celerity Fortune Common Stronghold
Night of the Rising Moon Event Rare Neutral
Time of War Event Uncommon Neutral
The Great Hunt Event Common Neutral
Tower of the Dreamer Building Unique Neutral
Tower of the Elders Building Unique Neutral
Tower of the Gardener Building Unique Neutral
Tower of the Inventor Building Unique Neutral
Tower of the Smith Building Unique Neutral
Arcane orb Building Uncommon Academy
Hall of Nightmares Building Uncommon Inferno
Hidden dojo Building Uncommon Sanctuary
Soul spire Building Uncommon Necropolis
War tent Building Uncommon Stronghold
Watchtower Building Uncommon Haven