The fire elemental is a third-level creature of the Preserve town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the Creature Portal, or the Fire Portal external dwelling.

Fire elementals are immune to fire-based spells and take half damage from fire-based attacks (such as those from efreeti and other fire elementals).OffBck

Fire elementals are ranged units that shoot balls of flame at their enemies. They tie the earth elemental for highest health, and have the highest attack as well. Also, like the other elementals, they resist many negative status effects. Finally, they are naturally fire-resistant, and their attacks are less effective against creatures that are similarly fire-resistant.


They are a potent non-caster source of ranged damage, but many find water elementals more useful, because they can fulfill a variety of roles, and because their Ice Bolts don't suffer from range issues.

On the other hand, fire elemental's attacks can be improved by the Offense skill of Tactics heroes, and they can also enjoy the benefits of special artifacts like the Sniper's Crossbow and the Bow of the Elf King.

Abilities Edit


The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.


Elementals are immune to certain spells (such as Poison) that only work on normal, living creatures.


In combat, this creature's normal attack is a Fire Attack, so targets with Fire Resistance will take less damage.


Fire Resistance makes this creature immune to fire-based spells, and to damage from breath attacks if the creature is a secondary target. The creature also takes half damage from enemies with fire-based attacks.

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