"Successful in his quest for the Flame of Chaos, Kozuss returns to the mainland and heads for the borderlands of the kingdom of Merlion where the next artifact, the Ice Scales, is rumored to be kept within an ancient library."

Fire and Ice is the third scenario in the Opposites Attract campaign in The Gathering Storm.

Information Edit

"Seek along the shores of the Merlion Sea for the artifact known as the Ice Scales, then secure a shipyard by capturing the city of Tullarn."

After facing the scattered forces of Merlion, Kozuss finds the Library holding the Ice Scales. The artifact in hand, he seeks a shipyard to cross the sea.

Strategy Edit

Kozuss has a single Asylum in the north-western corner, and a seventh-level thief. Three hostile Academies are scattered around the map. The terrain around the Asylum is volcanic, so Kozuss will move slowly on his own.

The thief's Pathfinding will allow Kozuss to reach the nearest Academy quickly, where the terrain is easier, and any reinforcements can be sent by caravan. A few Coliseums of Magic, Coliseums, and Trees of Knowledge will let him level up - a few Order Magic skills will let him use the magic guilds.

The quest hut near the middle Academy will let Kozuss have the Ice Scales if he shows up with the Flame of Chaos, at which point he only needs to move towards the eastern Academy, where a Battle mage at level 20 and a few creatures are all that stand between him and victory.