The Festival of Life

Essig grail

The visiting hero is proposed to choose this Stronghold as the Grail's home.

Festival power

This is the power of the Festival of Life

The Festival of Life is a Stronghold building in Heroes IV, only available when the Grail is obtained. The Festival of Life doesn't require any other structure to be built beforehand, nor does it needs resources. Building a Festival doesn't hinder the construction of another structure in the same day - it's the only exception to the "one building per day per town" rule.

Requirements Edit

A Stronghold town will build the Festival when the Grail is brought by an army (hero or creature). Note however that the Festival is not automatically built: the player has to manually select the city as the relic's house. This is easily done via a dialog box that is displayed when the Town Screen shows up. The need of a manual validation better allows the player to choose where to place the Grail, as it prevents the automatic building of the Festival in the first visited town.

Obviously, building the Festival will remove the Grail; the artifact can't be retrieved later, and the enemy will benefit from the Festival should the town fall in your opponent's hands.

Please note that some towns may refuse the Grail due to lack of faith. The Festival cannot be built in those towns.

Effect Edit

The Festival of Life provides 3000 gold per day. Also, the creature growth in this town increases by 100%, and the creature growth in all of the player's other Strongholds increases by 25%. These bonuses are not cumulative with other means of increasing growth - such as Breeding Pens and Nobility.

The Festival fully reflects the Barbarians' emphasis on the strict military aspect of warfare by greatly enhancing the troop production throughout the owner's kingdom, and by successfully providing the money needed for enlisting the extra recruits. The Festival however will not provide any benefits in the arcane department - it is the only grail structure that leaves untouched the magical approach of the conflict.

Overall, the Festival of Life is a building of tremendous power, and it has the potential to turn the tide of a game in the favor of the owner. As the prospect of having the enemy conquer the hometown of the Grail and use the Festival against you, it's recommended to bring the Grail to your most developed town.

Trivia Edit

  • The Festival of Life's name is a reference to a famous contest held every thirty years back in Enroth by the Krewlod-descendant Barbarians of the Tribal Lands. The contest offered the winner the opportunity to challenge the King of Krewlod for the throne. An entire Heroes III campaign is dedicated to Kilgor's rise to kingship via the Festival of Life.