"One of the many new features in Might and Magic IX is the spellcasting system. In prior versions of the Might and Magic series, spells for each individual school of magic were kept in a spell book. Now, the new dynamic system uses spells much like skills. Spellcasters now gain spells by learning skills. For example, in order to cast a Heal spell, the spellcaster must first obtain the magic skill of Light. All spellcasters can learn the basics of healing, but only Light Masters and Grandmasters can wield it with the best results. In this new spell system, all spellcasters have access to all schools of magic and their spells (except for Crusaders and Rangers, who cannot learn the school of Dark Magic). Therefore, a Lich now has the ability to cast Bless, but with nowhere near the level and ability that a Priest can."

These are the spells available in Might and Magic IX. Unlike in previous games, spells don't belong to a single magic school. Instead, all spells can be found in either two or three magic schools.

Name Effect (from manual) Level Dark Elemental Light Spirit
Arms of Earth Arms rise up from the earth to entangle the adversary. The higher level the spell, the larger the area covered by it. Be careful! The unwary caster can catch himself in his own trap! Expert X X
Bless Bless can be used to increase a character's chance to hit his or her target. It also negates an equal–level Curse spell. Normal X X
Chain Lightning The first lightning bolt discharges electricity from the caster’s hand to a single target. It always hits and does 1–8 points of damage per point of skill in Elemental Magic. If there are any monsters within a certain range of the target, they will be hit by an equal amount of electricity. Master X X
Column–of–Fire This hugely destructive Column-of-Fire falls from the sky, wreaking great amounts of damage upon the target. The column is usually only large enough to strike one target. Master X X
Curse Curse is used to decrease the enemy’s chance to hit its target. Normal X X
Dark Grasp This spell surrounds its target with the power of raw darkness, rendering it unable to fire missile attacks or cast spells. Furthermore, the target's movement is slowed, its Armour Class is reduced and it does reduced damage when striking in melee combat. Master X X
Death's Touch The spellcaster uses his own Spell Points in order to drain the enemy’s Hit Points. Grand X X
Disease Disease inflicts a condition upon the target, causing continuous damage until cured by a Potion or a spell. Expert X X
Divine Intervention Once per day, you may call upon the heavens to heal your characters of all damage, restore their Spell Points and remove all adverse conditions. The caster's Spell Points will be nearly drained by this spell. Grand X X
Elemental Aura A field of protection surrounds the party. Any enemies that attack your characters still deal out damage, but receive the same amount of damage they dish out via an elemental force. Expert X X
Elemental Blast This spell launches a magical attack outward from a targeted enemy. Expert X X
Elemental Bolt Elemental Bolt launches a magical bolt of one of the four elements at the target. The bolt always hits the target. Normal X X
Elemental Protection Increases your party’s resistance to damage inflicted by Elemental Magic by an amount equal to your skill in Spirit Magic. The effect lasts one hour per point of Light skill. Normal X X
Enchant Item When cast, this spell has a chance of imbuing a normal item with magical powers. The chance of success is 10% per point of skill in Spirit Magic. Normal X X
Enrage Enrage causes a single monster to go mad with battle lust, attacking the nearest living creature until the spell wears off or the creature dies. Expert X X
Eye of Leggib This is similar to the Wizard Eye spell, except the spellcaster sends a duplicate of himself out into the world to survey the area near him. Expert X X
Eye of the Storm Centred from the party, this spell has an atom bomb concussive effect that could stun or kill everything in the immediate area. Damage is 20 points plus 1 per point of skill in Elemental Magic PER ENEMY! Eye of the Storm can only be cast once per day. Grand X X X
Faith Faith maximises the damage skills of the character the spellcaster selects. Expert X X
Fear When struck by Fear, the targeted enemy is overcome with fright of the spellcaster and must flee. If a creature takes damage while under the influence of this spell, the spell will be broken. Fear will not work on undead creatures. Expert X X
Feather Fall Feather Fall eases great falls by drastically reducing the weight of the party. Normal X X
Fleet Foot This spell accelerates your party's travel speed, depending upon the level of skill. Expert X X
Haste Once cast, this spell decreases recovery time of the character it is cast upon, allowing him or her to cast spells and attack faster than ever before. However, the character will be weak once the spell wears off. Expert X X
Heal Heal cures Hit Points on a single character when cast. Normal X X
Lloyd's Beacon This ultimate teleportation spell requires some planning to use. You must set a beacon before you can use this spell to teleport. Master X X X
Magic Mine Magic Mine enables the spellcaster to drop a magically enchanted mine on the ground. The next "being" that walks within 15" of the mine will suffer from the mine’s blast once the party has left its radius. Expert X X
Meteor Shower This spell summons flaming rocks from the sky that fall in a large radius surrounding your chosen foe. Try not to be near the victim when you use this spell. A single meteor does 8 points of damage plus 1 per point of skill in Elemental Magic. This spell only works outdoors. Master X X
Natural Armour Natural Armour uses the forces of nature to provide additional armour to the character it is cast on, mainly for the use of the Druid. The spellcaster cannot be wearing metal armour. Master X X
Pain Reflection When an enemy hits a character upon which Pain Reflection has been cast, the enemy takes damage as well. Expert X X
Paralyse Paralyse temporarily prevents a foe from moving or attacking for the duration of this spell, which is 3 minutes per point of skill in Dark Magic. You are free to attack your helpless target to your heart's content; paralysed monsters cannot retaliate. Expert X X
Phantom Fighter This spell calls forth a Blade expert in phantom form. When the spell dies out, the phantom takes your weapon as payment for his services. It can only be cast on one–handed, unenchanted blade weapons. Expert X X
Poison Once cast, your foe is blasted with poison that does immediate and continual damage until the poison has run its course. Normal X X
Poison Cloud A poisonous cloud of noxious gases is formed in front of the spellcaster and moves slowly away from your party. Master X X
Power Draw The spellcaster uses Power Draw to "push" Spell Points into a character’s damage rating. The number of Spell Points pushed affects the amount of damage modified. Master X X
Purify This spell purifies the life forces of the character it is cast upon, removing conditions such as poison, disease, drunk, insane, fear, paralyse, etc. Expert X X
Regeneration Regeneration enables the character to naturally heal at a faster rate of recovery than normal. Master X X
Resist Death Resist Death provides the character with extra resistance to Dark Magic. Expert X X
Resurrection This spell resurrects a character whose body has been destroyed. However, the recovery rate is very slow. Master X X
Shared Life Shared Life combines the life force of your characters and redistributes it amongst the entire party as evenly as possible. No individual character is allowed to have more points than his or her maximum total Hit Points. Master X X
Souldrinker This horrible spell sucks the life from all creatures in sight, friend or enemy. Souldrinker then transfers that life to your party in much the same fashion as Shared Life. Grand X X X
Sparks Sparks fires small balls of lightning into the world that bounce around until they hit something or dissipate. It is hard to tell where they will go, so this spell is best used in a room crowded with small monsters. Each spark does 2 points plus 1 per point of skill in Elemental Magic. Normal X X
Spell Reaver This spell dispels magic cast upon living creatures in an area around the party, dependent on the caster’s level of skill mastery. Unfortunately, the spell does not remove magic traps from unguarded chests or doors. Expert X X
Torchlight Torchlight gives the party an aura of light to aid them in dark areas. Normal X X
Town Portal Linking to the magical properties of ancient altars that can be found in each major city, a spellcaster can call to the altar to bring the caster and his party close to the altar. An inexperienced spellcaster can only call to the nearest altar, but one more experienced can call to the altar of his choosing. There is only one requirement; the altars have been neglected and must be cleansed or repaired in order to work again. Expert X X
Transfusion The spellcaster transfers any positive or negative conditions into his or her target, so this spell can be used against a party member OR enemy. The spellcaster must be within melee range. Master X X
Turn Undead Turn Undead calls upon the power of heaven to undo the evil magic that extends the lives of the undead. It begins by causing Undead to flee, but at high levels it can cause them great damage. This spell only works on the Undead. Normal X X
Wizard Eye Wizard Eye brings up the scrying sphere that allows the party to see monsters or treasure in a large area around them. What they see depends upon the mastery of the spellcaster. Normal X X
Wound Wound inflicts damage upon an enemy within melee range. Expert X X
Wrath of Bugs! This spell calls forth swarms of attacking insects that confuse the enemy. The target’s recovery is slowed. At higher levels of mastery, the target cannot attack efficiently for the duration of the Spell. Master X X

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