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Fahl'tee Tower is a Rescue the Princess scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. Players can encounter bandits and soldiers.

Description Edit

The Royal Princess of Phynaxia is being held hostage in the Tower of Fahl'tee, and the heroes of Good have launched an attack in the hopes of freeing her.OffBck

Good team Edit

You must enter the tower, locate the Princess, and see her safely to the stronghold's exit. Beware however, the reward offered for the heads of the Princess's captors have drawn numerous "independent" troops to the area.OffBck

Evil team Edit

The Princess's capture caused quite a commotion. Not only has an organized force attacked in an attempt to rescue her, but several reward hungry mercenaries have become involved as well. Eliminate the forces of Good, and the others will likely abandon the fight.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

The map is very small, consisting only of a central tower (three floors high) as well as the grounds outside it. The good team starts outside the tower's walls, while the evil team starts on the second floor. The princess can be found on the top floor.

Good team Edit

The team can choose to go through the front gate of the tower, but this is a good place for the evil team to set up an ambush, so it is best avoided. Another way in is to climb one of the ladders and walk on the walls. This will let the team use the doors on the tower's second floor. The downside is that walking on the walls makes a lot more noise.

When they reach the outside of the second floor, the team can also choose to climb the vines and enter the throne room behind the princess. They can then run forward, grab the princess, and return to the carriage. If the good team has a lot of players, some of them can rush in through the doors and engage the evil team, while one of them sneaks up the vines to rescue the princess.

Evil team Edit

Since this is a small map, there aren't a lot of places to hide the princess. One tactic is to leave her where she is, and defend the stairs and throne room to ensure that no one reaches her.

Alternatively, the team can more her down to the first floor, which is an excellent spot for a large-scale battle. The team can try to control the entrances and ambush the good team when they arrive. If one of the heroes reaches the princess, focus the team's fire on them.

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