Exorcism is a first-level Life magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs two mana, and removes all negative spells from a single friendly target.

In-game descriptionEdit

Sometimes, the enemy tried to drag down our brave soldiers with their evil enchantments. These kind of spells can bring army to ruin.OffBck


Not as versatile as Dispel, this is nevertheless a good magic-removal spell and can remain useful even late in the game to remove spells such as Hypnotize and Blind. This spell is extremely useful against spellcasting units like Mages and Genies, Evil Eyes (which would otherwise seriously hinder the player's forces), Academy Heroes, who could otherwise Berserk and even Hypnotize the player's units with impunity, and of course, Necropolis Heroes, who can easily de-buff units.

Unlike Dispel, exorcism leaves beneficial spells (like a Potion of Immortality, for example) in place. Exorcism will remove all negative conditions except for Stun, Poison, and Plague.

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