"Although elves recognize the need for a single mind to give a nation direction, we also believe that everyone in that nation should have the opportunity to give their say. Thus, the Elven Court was formed."

The Elven Court is an organization that appears in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It is part of the elven nation of Aranorn. Elwin stated that the goal of the Elven Court was to give everyone a voice. While other nations were usually ruled by a single monarch, the elves were more democratic.

During the time after the death of King Eldrich Parson and before the selection of the next Elf King, Aranorn was ruled by the Council of Elders, but the Elven Court made a lot of important decisions. They made alliances with other nations and forces, and were responsible for upholding the laws. Before the Aranorn Civil War, the Court Speaker was Lord Harke.

When seeking to marry a woman, it was customary to go with her before the entire Elven Court and ask her father for his daughter's hand.

Elwin and Shaera Edit

Jealous of the attention that the beautiful Shaera showed the druid Elwin, Harke convinced the Elven Court to pick Elwin for the important diplomatic mission of seeking an alliance with the white tigers. This was a dangerous mission, and three ambassadors had already died in the attempt. He hoped that Elwin would either reject the mission, proving himself a coward before the entire Court, or die trying to do his duty. To his surprise, Elwin was successful.

Harke then asked his commander Mirilass to escort Elwin into the forest and slay him. Mirilass was merciful, and decided to leave Elwin trapped in a forest clearing - if he attempted to leave, Mirilass' archers would kill him.

With the help of his white tiger allies, Elwin managed to escape, so Harke forced Mirilass to write a letter to the Elven Court, telling them how Elwin had attacked him and his soldiers. Mirilass was known as a fair and honorable man, so on his testimony, the Elven Court supported Harke in the military conflict that was developing between him and Elwin.

Elwin managed to track down Mirilass, and convinced him to write another letter, telling the Court the truth. Mirilass feared what the Court would do to him when he admitted his misdeeds, but Elwin told him that since he owed Mirilass his life, he would stand at his side and beg them to be merciful. After his confession, the Elven Court switched sides in the conflict.

Most of the Forest Guard refused to believe the accusations against their former commander, and left their post to join Harke's forces. The Elder Council crowned Elwin as the new Elf King, and he led the armies of the Elven Court against Harke. Elwin was victorious, and Harke was brought before the Elven Court to stand trial for his crimes.

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