The Edge of Balance is an artifact and Dynasty Weapon in the Tribes of the East and Shades of Darkness stand-alone expansion packs to Heroes of Might and Magic V and Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Tribes of the EastEdit


In Tribes of the East, it goes in the Weapon slot and it either adds +3 to the hero's Attack and subtracts -1 from his/her Defense for "good" races, or it adds +3 to the hero's Defense and subtracts -1 from the hero's Attack for "evil" races. The Edge can be purchased for 5,500 gold.

A double-edged sword that affects attack and defence in opposite directions. Whether it is good or not as starting bonus or in-game depends on the hero's class.

For "good" classes:

  • Knight: makes the hero even better in Attack, while the small dip in Defense should not hurt too much
  • Ranger: increases Attack, which is quite necessary since it's in area in which the Ranger suffers
  • Runemage: the effect is quite alright since Attack and Defense are balanced
  • Wizard: helps in offensive capability, but the -1 Defense hurts, especially for Academy troops

For "evil" classes:

  • Barbarian: the Edge can help in preserving troops with low Blood Rage counter, because low rage means less damage absorbed, and that translates into more losses
  • Demon Lord: the effect is quite necessary, especially for the Inferno troops and their low Defense
  • Necromancer: the units become tougher, Attack is even poorer …at least troops are tougher.
  • Warlock: the Edge can be helpful, especially since Dungeon troops are expensive and low in numbers, and they need to be kept alive for as long as possible while the hero destroys the enemy with damaging spells

Shades of DarknessEdit

In Shades of Darkness, the Edge of Balance is obtained in the The Other Elves scenario of the Dungeon Campaign, through the completion of the optional quest The Lost Legion. The Minotaur leader, Calistar, requests that Raelag retrieve the sword from the Imperial army they lost it to in their previous skirmish, agreeing to join Raelag's forces should he do so.

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