EdenbrookMM6 map

Map of Edenbrook[1]

Silver Cove is a large town in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is located in the Paradise Valley region.

Map guide Edit

  1. The Sparring Ground: Training grounds. Location of Charlemagne, who offers training without a maximum level.
  2. The Last Chance: Inn. Location of the innkeeper Melissa.
  3. Home of Ken Chomais, an alchemist hireling.
  4. Home of Christian Vela, a scholar hireling.
  5. The Enchanted Hauberk: Armorshop. Location of Theodore, who sells fourth-level leather armor, chain armor, plate armor, shields, helms and gauntlets, and has specials on fifth-level plate armor, helms, and gauntlets.
  6. Empty house.
  7. Singing Steel: Weaponshop. Location of Benedict, who sells second-level swords and daggers, with specials on fourth-level swords and daggers.
  8. Mighty Magicks: Magic shop. Location of Alastair, who offers fifth-level miscellaneous artifacts.
  9. Home of Michael Tuck, a guide hireling.
  10. Home of Anthony Hargraine, a tracker hireling.
  11. Home of Miles Loman, a pathfinder hireling.
  12. Home of Beverly Sweetwater, a scholar hireling.
  13. The first home of Yvonne D'arcy, a cook hireling.
  14. Home of Wolf Armstrong, a healer hireling.
  15. Home of Tyger Helms, a navigator hireling.
  16. Home of Florimel Evylen, a minor NPC.
  17. Home of Zeke Magellan, a sailor hireling.
  18. Home of Rexella, who teaches master blaster.
  19. Empty house.
  20. The second home of Yvonne D'arcy, a cook hireling.
  21. Home of Ta Li No Gharma, a minor NPC.
  22. Home of Su Lang Manchu, who teaches master dark magic.

Sources Edit

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