The earth elemental is a third-level creature of the Preserve town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the Creature Portal, or the Earth Portal external dwelling.

Earth elementals have a 50% chance of resisting any hostile spell, and take only half damage from spell attacks.OffBck

Earth elementals are slow, tough, magic-resistant melee units.

Comments Edit

Earth elementals are by far the most durable of the elementals, with high defense, hit points, and 50% Magic Resistance. Though generally too slow to rush out and attack across the battlefield, they are excellent for sheltering more vulnerable units, and can punish any who would rush archers and casters in the back line. Ranged attacks are the best way of dealing with hostile earth elementals.

Earth elementals cost a little bit more than the other elementals, so their particular Summoning Spell will call slightly fewer of them, and the Creature Portal recruits one fewer Earth Elemental per week than it does of the others.

Abilities Edit


Elementals are immune to certain spells (such as Poison) that only work on normal, living creatures.


This creature's Magic Resistance gives it a chance of resisting most hostile spells. The creature also takes less damage from spells that cause direct damage.

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