Earol was an Elven hero native to Irollan who commanded the defence of the Sylvan city of Vintyl during the wars following the Day of the Tears of Fire, subsisting on halved rations for approximately two months of heavy fighting. In honour of Earol's memory, heroes who visit the town charge less for their services.[1]


Earol is mentioned only in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


  1. Heroes of Might and Magic V. Ubisoft. Quote: "During the war that erupted following the Day of the Tears of Fire, Vintyl survived a brutal siege. Earol, who selflessly subsisted on half rations during two months of heavy fighting, headed the defense. In memory of their great predecessor, all heroes who find themselves in Vintyl charge less for their services less than they do elsewhere." (in English). 2006.

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