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Heroes VI Sword of the Griffin Icon

The Sword of the Griffin, the first Dynasty Weapon obtained.

"You are the point of the sword... But our dynasty is its metal."
Sveltana to Slava, about the Sword of the Griffin

A Dynasty Weapon is a gameplay concept in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and its expansions.

Taking up the main hand slot, Dynasty Weapons are powerful artifacts that are kept between games once earned, and earn experience points and gain levels as heroes do, differing from heroes in that they keep experience earned between games. Dynasty weapons are divided into two types; swords for Might heroes, and staves for Magic heroes. They require the Conflux feature of the game to be equipped and used.

Dynasty Weapons provide a variety of bonuses, with the type of bonuses varying by weapon. The first bonus of a weapon is initially unlocked, and the other four bonuses must be unlocked by using the weapon and providing it with experience. A weapon requires 100,000 experience points to reach level 2, 1,000,000 experience points to reach level 3, 3,500,000 experience points to reach level 4, and 7,000,000 experience points to reach level 5.

Dynasty Weapons may be obtained in various ways, but most of them may be found by completing main or subquests within the various campaigns of Might & Magic: Heroes VI and its expansions. Weapons may also be purchased in the Altar of Wishes, through Uplay points, or in special promotional offers.

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