For other creatures of the same name, see Dwarf.
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Dwarf LoMM
Hit Points: 80
Damage: 8
Range: 500
Speed: 10.5
Attack Speed: 100
Treasure: 150 gold

Do not underestimate the Dwarf's small size. Slow but tough, they are extremely accurate with throwing axes.OffBck

The dwarf is a monster in Legends of Might and Magic. It can attack both at range and in melee, and usually moves in packs. Players should try to engage them one at a time, drawing them closer with ranged attacks before advancing into melee.

Dwarves can be encountered in the The Dragon Slayers, Dungeon Rescue, and The Hideout scenarios. There is also a stronger version, the dwarf king, that appears in the Dungeon Rescue scenario.