For other characters sharing the same name, see Duncan.

Emperor Duncan Falcon is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


The emperor of the Holy Falcon Empire, Duncan has been troubled by the recent capture of the ambassador, Albin. The emperor also heard the dragon knights want to settle the dispute between the Holy Falcon Empire and the undead border lords.



Chapter 1: BlackboughEdit

Chapter 2: Falcon's ReachEdit

Chapter 3: The Whispering PlainsEdit

Chapter 4: The LightlandsEdit

  • Elrath's Cradle: Since Naamah, the Light Weaver, came with the hero to heal Elrath, Erion and Emperor Duncan block their path. Erion accuses her of trying to wound Elrath with her sorcery, but Naamah believes Erion just does not want the angels to lose his power. Duncan settles both sides, and permits Naamah to continue.
  • Gone With The Void: After the hero crossed through the portal to Lichtfels, he is met by Duncan and Belketh. Both of them report Sandro arrived, and exclaim the importance of saving Elrath.
  • The Dawn Of The Void: Duncan and Belketh wish the hero luck in eradicating the Void forces.


Duncan appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.

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