Dragonsand is a region in Might and Magic VI. The large number of dragons that made their home in the scorched desert lead to the coining of its name by the citizens of Enroth. Dragonsand is also the original landing site of Enroth's Colony seed ship, now the Tomb of VARN.

Properties Edit

Inhabitants Edit

Obelisk Edit

The obelisk reward can be found inside a boulder within a circle of stones located in the north-east area of Dragonsand.

Map Edit

Dragonsand Map

  1. Najat Ramadi
    • Will trade Golden Pyramids or Kegs of Wine for Armor
  2. Kerman Murian
    • Will trade Golden Pyramids or Kegs of Wine for Weapons
  3. Irbil Baktarian
    • Will trade Golden Pyramids or Kegs of Wine for Miscellaneous Equipment
  4. Bandar Jahrom
    • Will trade Magic Lamps for Gems.
  5. Pedestal
  6. Fountain that restores 50 hit points.
  7. Fountain that gives +10 to all elemental resistances permanently and eradicates you.
  8. Fountain that gives +10 to all statistics permanently and eradicates you.
  9. Tomb of VARN
  10. Two chests
    • The chests are guarded by a total of 4 fire lizards, 4 lightning lizards, 5 wyrms, 4 giant wyrms, 1 great wyrm, 7 red dragons, 15 blue dragons, and 13 gold dragons.
  11. Shrine of the Gods
    • +20 to all statistics permanently.
    • Clicking on the northwest takes you to the New World Computing world.
  12. Obelisk #6
  13. Rock
    • Under this rock is a chest that rewards you 250,000gp when opened and contains a spellbook of Dark Containment, and Divine Intervention, and the artifacts Morgan, Igraine, and Guinevere.
    • Due to a bug, in some Might and Magic VI versions, it gives you another 250,000gp each time the chest is opened.
    • The rock is the one in the center of a circle of other stones and can only be opened after you have read all fifteen Obelisks.

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