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Green Dragon (MM8)

Green Dragon

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Red Dragon

The Dragon is one of the eight character classes in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. Unlike the other classes, the player can't start the game as a dragon, but dragons can join the party later.

"The Dragon is the king of beasts. Dragons have the capacity to breathe fire, fight in melee with their huge claws and fangs, breathe a devastating breath weapon, fly, and repel even the sharpest weapons with their scales. Though Dragons don't use armor or weapons, if one joins your party you won't miss the lack of man-made combat materials!"

Dragons start with 40 hit points and 10 spell points, and gain 4 hit points and 2 spell points per level. They are the only class with no resistance or immunities.

Great Wyrm Edit

"Because of the enmity between Dragons and much of the rest of the weapon-wielding world, very few dragons live long enough to become Great Wyrms. Those that do, however, are the largest and wisest of their kind. Legends tell of entire armies that have fallen before the might of a single Great Wyrm."
A Dragon can be promoted to a Great Wyrm. Great Wyrms can learn grandmaster Dragon, perception, learning, and identify item instead of master.

Great Wyrms gain 7 hit points and 3 spell points per level.

Recruitable dragons Edit

Ithilgore Edit

  • Class: Dragon
  • Level: 5
  • Location: Ithilgore's Cave - Dragon Caves - Garrote Gorge
  • Availability: Immediately

Flamdring Edit

"A rebel among rebels, Flamdring joined you by leaving the pack of Ilsingore--himself a renegade dragon. A dragon of medium size, he has agreed to adventure with you for as long as it holds his flighty attention."

  • Class: Dragon
  • Level: 15
  • Location: Ilsingore's Cave - Ironsand Desert
  • Availability: Immediately

Brimstone Edit

"When he rebelled against the Garrote Gorge dragons, Yaardrake was fortunate to convince the mighty Brimstone to join his cause. That you were able to slay so many of Yaardrake's compatriots however, left Brimstone less impressed with Yaardrake and more impressed with you."

  • Class: Great Wyrm
  • Level: 30
  • Location: Yaardrake's Cave - Shadowspire
  • Availability: After completion of the "Form the Alliance" quest.

Duroth the Eternal Edit

"Few Dragons live to become as old as Duroth. Disgusted with the society built by the younger generation at Garrote Gorge, he left with his friend, Loeb to form a new nest built around the old ideals. Since that nest's fall he travels with you seeking a clearer truth."

  • Class: Great Wyrm
  • Level: 50
  • Location: Old Loeb's Cave - Regna Island
  • Availability: After acquiring the "Sink the Regnan Fleet" quest.

Skills Edit

In the table below, golden check marks SpecialYes represent skills only available to Great Wyrms.

Skill Normal Expert Master Grand
Axe No No No No
Bow No No No No
Dagger No No No No
Mace No No No No
Spear No No No No
Staff No No No No
Sword No No No No
Fire Magic No No No No
Air Magic No No No No
Water Magic No No No No
Earth Magic No No No No
Spirit Magic No No No No
Mind Magic No No No No
Body Magic No No No No
Light Magic No No No No
Dark Magic No No No No
Dark Elf No No No No
Vampire No No No No
Dragon Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
Leather No No No No
Chain No No No No
Plate No No No No
Shield No No No No
Alchemy Yes Yes Yes No
Armsmaster No No No No
Body Building Yes Yes Yes No
ID Item Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
ID Monster Yes Yes Yes No
Learning Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
Disarm Trap No No No No
Meditation Yes Yes Yes No
Merchant Yes Yes No No
Perception Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
Regeneration Yes Yes No No
Repair Item No No No No
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