Deconstruction is the basis of all study. You must know a thing's parts before you can know the sum of those parts. And thus, dispelling even that which we cannot cast becomes simple.OffBck

Dispel is a first-level order magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs two spell points and removes all spells, both beneficial and harmful, from the target. It has no effect on Poison or Plague.


Often utilized to remove curses from friendly troops, it can also be used to strip blessings from opposing stacks or heroes, including those bestowed by potions or pre-combat spells. Utilize it to remove powerful mind-altering spells on your own creatures, such as Hypnotize.

Dispel ignores magic resistance, and does not require line-of-sight. Perhaps most importantly, it will remove the Guardian Angel spell from enemy heroes, nullifying the effects of the Potion of Immortality.

It should also be noted that Dispel will destroy a stack of illusions as created by Create Illusion. Cancellation also does this.

This spell and its more advanced version Mass Dispel are usually more useful in the later rounds of combat, after much effort and many spell points have been spent casting curses and bestowing blesses. This spell is negated by the Ring of Permanency.

In the Equilibris mod, Dispel is a second-level spell, and does not affect creatures raised by Animate Dead, Death Call, Raise Vampires, or Summon Imp.

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