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Icon-H7X1 Dis Icon Faction Fortress
H7 dis model
Faction Fortress
Tier Elite
Upgraded No
Hit points 30 Health stat H7
Attack 5 Attack stat H7
Defense 5 Defense stat H7
Damage 8-11 Fire magic H7
Initiative 29 Initiative stat H7
Speed 6
Movement Fly Move fly H7
Morale 5 Morale stat H7
Destiny 5 Luck stat H7
Growth per week 6
Size Large
Dis H7

The dis is an elite creature of the Fortress in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire. Its upgraded form is the valkyrie.

Their ashen body sporting majestic wings of fire, Dísir are manifestations of Arkath. They are born on the battlefield, when numerous Dwarves die in battle. Their souls then gather and, with Arkath’s blessing, they spark this powerful warrior spirit into life. OffBck


Soulfire Soulfire
Adjacent friendly creatures get the buff "Fiery Soul" (even when just passing the creature), increasing their base damage and movement until the end of the next turn.
Adjacent friendly creatures get +15 Morale and +2 Movement (even when just passing the creature).OffBck


Basic creatures
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Upgraded creatures
Shieldguard · Blackbear · Kobold pathfinder · Valkyrie · Rune patriarch · Magma elemental · Einherjar · Ardent dragon

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