Dhamiria is a character in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


We've suspected for a while now that Dhamiria, an extremely talented Elemental Sorceress has been collaborating with a band of Renegade Wizards in an effort to summon Demons, but it turns out those suspicions were far off the mark. Dhamiria is a Succubus.
Several outcast Wizards of the Seven Cities, accused of being Warlocks, were looking for an undisturbed location to conduct their magical research, and this group was somehow lured to a crumbled Mansion by the enticing Dhamiria, who was remodeling the large estate inherited from her prestigious family. She promised to share her counsel and protect them from outside forces whilst they studied the forces of Chaos. It's possible that she revealed her true identity to them to prove her undeniable superiority in the Chaotic arts. Though she kept her end of the bargain, but the price was high. Some thought it was too high and tried to flee, but the Demon made it clear it wasn't an option.
Our spies reported that through months of experimentation the Wizards were becoming increasingly frustrated at their efforts to please their new mistress. Dhamiria was never satisfied and systematically belittled them as incompetent, incapable of mastering the subtleties of Chaos, as she herself summoned Demons effortlessly. One of the Wizards reportedly went insane with frustration as she destroyed his daily creations systematically every evening before supper.
We tracked Dhamiria back to her quarters and overheard her muttering to herself about a mind's breaking point. Then it all made sense. The Wizards themselves were the experiment. All this time, Dhamiria had been conducting her own twisted research upon the hapless mages, pushing them to the brink of madness for her own study.
We initially feared an alliance between Dhamiria and a forbidden school of outcast Demon Summoners, but it seems quite unlikely that this is truly the case. She is using them for some more dire purpose. The Empire should be careful not to cross paths with the beautiful Succubus... she is far too clever for anyone's good.

Dhamiria was once Hakeem's servat. Later, Dhamiria overheard the conversation from Noboru to Vein and his group. She was spotted by Myranda, and a battle began. Dhamiria was restrained by magical chains, and was used to create a link and teleport the group to the Seven Cities, where Hakeem lived.


Duel of ChampionsEdit

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Dhamiria appears as a hero card. She is the leader of the Inferno faction.


  • Dhamiria: Dhamiria has to be defeated.
  • Hakeem: Myranda uses Dhamiria to teleport the group to Hakeem.


Dhamiria appears in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.