Devonshire is a town in Axeoth, playing a minor part in the Heroes of Might and Magic IV expansion The Gathering Storm.

South of Devonshire, the mad wizard Hexis attempts to increase his magical power by corrupting nature around him[1]. As he poses a danger to all living things around him, five heroes meet in Devonshire to take him on.

Bohb, Kozuss, Agraynel, Dogwoggle and Alita Eventide go out into the world, seeking mighty artifacts that will help them take on Hexis, before returning to Devonshire to plan their final attack. By the time they ride out, the land around Devonshire has already started to change from Hexis's rituals.[2]

As the five heroes were successful in their quest[3], it is likely that the lands returned to normal after Hexis's demise.

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