Death & Nature
Type Advanced class
Effect +50% to demon spells, new spells on every level in BOTH Nature Magic and Demonology:


The Demonologist is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Heroes are promoted to Demonologist upon attaining two skills in both Death Magic and Nature Magic.

Heroes IV official description Edit

Death Magic and Nature Magic determine the Demonologist class. The Demonologist's class ability gives him +50 to all Demon Summoning spells.OffBck


The Demonologist is one of the game's most unique advanced classes, as sufficient skill in Demonology and Nature Magic provides the hero with up to five unique Demon Summoning spells - the Death-aligned equivalents of the Preserve faction's summoning spells. Despite costing a significantly higher number of spell points for their respective levels, the Demonologist-unique spells are notably more powerful, and become doubly so if the hero obtains the Demonary or the Scarab of Summoning. Demonologists inherently receive a +50% boost to the effect of these five spells. The only other class capable of learning and wielding these spells is the Archmage: if a Demonologist is promoted to an Archmage, they can continue to learn the spells, but will lose the bonus to their effect.

Upon attaining Basic Demonology and Nature Magic, Demonologists (or Archmages) obtain Summon Imp. Advanced level in both skills grants Summon Cerberus. Expert level grants Summon Ice Demon, Master level imparts Summon Venom Spawn, and Grandmaster level teaches Summon Devil.

The Demonologist class is most easily accessible to Necromancers and Druids, but any class can achieve the promotion, provided they manage to foresake advancement in their usual starting skills.


The Demonologist is most likely to learn Death Magic and Nature Magic and fairly likely to learn the Chaos magic skill. Demonologists cannot learn Life Magic when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.

Individual heroesEdit

In the Half-Dead campaign, Gauldoth Half-Dead begins with ranks in Death Magic and Nature Magic, and is thus strongly predisposed to becoming a Demonologist.[1] In Heroes IV: The Gathering Storm, the main antagonist, Hexis, appears as a Demonologist in Final Showdown.[2]


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